Google’s New Core Algorithm Update

Google announced that a Core Algorithm Update would be rolled out starting Nov. 17. Although core updates usually happen several times a year, many SEOs took to Twitter to bemoan the timing of the updates – just before the busy holiday shopping period kicks off. What Happened Google announced that a Core Algorithm Update would … Read more

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Should you Hire an SEO Partner or DIY?

If you’re here right now you probably understand the importance of having good Search Engine Optimization or SEO. And you’re also probably someone who is tasked with overseeing the SEO for your company. You could do it yourself, or you could partner with an agency. In this blog post we will discuss some pros and … Read more

7 mistakes you're making with SEO image

7 SEO mistakes

Avoid these common pitfalls and watch your website ranking improve.

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the cost of SEO

Learn the typical pricing structure and costs for SEO services.