I am pretty advanced at SEO. Is your platform still for me?

Absolutely. The softserveSEO portal was designed to be simple, but it isn’t only for beginners. Those with a solid SEO background will benefit from the SEO tools, the at-a-glance dashboard and, if desired, coaching calls to discuss ideas and strategies with one of our team members.

Are there other accounts I need to set up to link to softserveSEO?

In order to utilize softserveSEO, you will need a Google Analytics account. You can learn how to set up your GA here. Other tools that will be discussed in the softserveSEO modules include the following: Google Search Console Google Tag Manager Google My Business

Can’t I just hire someone to do my SEO for me?

Absolutely, you can, and we also provide full-service SEO and can provide a website SEO assessment and SEO plan. Contact us here if you are interested in learning more. softserveSEO may make sense for you if you want an SEO solution that is: Budget-friendly Easy Educational Inclusive of all Tools

How do consulting sessions work?

Each month, subscribers to our Double-Scoop Plan receive 30 minutes of consulting time and subscribers to our Triple-Scoop Plan receive 60 minutes of consulting time, which can be broken into two sessions. Schedule a session in your portal and include details on what you would like to discuss. If you are having challenges with a … Read more

Where are you located?

Our headquarters and SEO team is located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We support clients across the United States as well as globally, so no matter your location, you can use the softserveSEO program.