SEO made easy

softserveSEO was built with an uncompromising commitment to the user experience and providing a tried and true formula that has worked for our clients over the years.

why softserveSEO was created

After 28 years helping our clients grow their brands online, we realized that many of our clients often had the same challenges:

  • I would like to understand Google Analytics, but there are so many reports and ways to filter the data. What is the most important data and where do I find it?
  • I signed up for an advanced SEO software tool that claims to be the best of the best. It may be, but I have no idea if I set it up correctly or what I should be using it for. Can you help make sure it’s installed correctly and show me what to look for?
  • SEO feels really hard and confusing. I know improving SEO will improve our bottom line, but I can’t convince my boss to invest in an agency. They think I can do it myself, but how?
  • I want to learn about SEO, but don’t know where to start. Can you help make the process easy?
  • I feel like I’m paying too much for SEO and not getting enough in return. I need an affordable solution that will also give me results.
  • I thought I followed all the best practice tips and tricks but how come our website SEO effectiveness has fallen off over time?

We knew that if our clients were having these challenges, they weren’t alone. And in order to help a larger number of people, we would need to build a toolkit to transfer our knowledge for their benefit.

we needed a new approach.

That’s why softserveSEO was created. To empower you with a proven, easy-to-follow process for Search Engine Optimization that will enable you to improve and maintain your website SEO now and in the future.

A process that was not only easy, but fun too!

And just because the process is straightforward, does not mean it is lean!

The softserveSEO portal is packed with the best, most useful tools to help you optimize your website.

our recipe for success

  • Sundae School Modules teach you the fundamentals of SEO and walk you through successful SEO with a step-by-step checklist to ensure you complete the key steps
  • A Personal Dashboard of Quick Glance Metrics pulled from Multiple Analytics Tools
  • A Keyword Research Tool to help you determine the best keywords with the lowest competition
  • A Keyword Tracking Tool to check how your keyword rankings change over time
  • A Backlinks Audit Tool to discover which websites are linking to your website
  • A Website Crawler to check your Site Structure, Errors, Metadata and Page Titles
  • Helpful Best Practices, How-To Guides and Videos walking you through important SEO processes
  • Monthly Coaching Calls in the double and triple-scoop plans or as an add-on as needed