get started with an SEO site audit

Do you already have an established website but aren’t sure where to begin with SEO? 

Maybe you have hired an SEO agency in the past, but it doesn’t feel like they have moved the needle.

Do you wonder why none of your pages are ranking in the top positions on Google’s search engine results pages? 

An SEO Site Audit may be just what you need! 

how our process works

The first step is to perform an SEO audit of your current site. This involves a 25-question intake form for you to complete, telling us about your business, goals, current website landscape, etc. We will then review your website using some specific website tools. We will ask for access to any tools you have integrated on your site, such as Google Analytics. This information will form the basis for our SEO recommendations report. We will go over this SEO recommendations report with you in a consultation. 

what we look for

  • Technical Issues, such as your sitemap being found by search crawlers, text to html ratio, pages not being crawled, etc.
  • Content issues, such as duplicate title tags, missing meta descriptions, pages with low word count, missing target keywords in titles, h1 and body tags, and more
  • Number of outgoing and incoming links, as well as orphaned pages, or pages that are not linked to internally
  • Your domain authority
  • Issues with User Experience, including page load time, bounce rate and time on the website
  • Strategies to optimize your pages, including opportunities to appear in featured snippets on the Search Engine Results pages

what you will receive

You will receive a summary of your Site Audit findings and recommendations. You will also receive a 1-hour consultation with a softserveSEO SEO expert and project manager who will review the report with you and go over timeline of immediate fixes vs. ongoing campaigns. You will also receive a proposal for the follow-up SEO work based on your site audit. 

how much does it cost?

Our Site Audit costs $1,500

This is broken down to include:

  • Best Practice SEO Analysis
  • Review Intake form from Client
  • Gain access to website, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Webmaster Tools, etc. 
  • Review current conversion tracking- GA/GTM setup
  • Site Audit – SEO report
  • Keyword Analysis – Initial Core Target Keyword Lists
  • SERP Analysis with Targeted Keywords
  • Site Crawl of current website and standard checks for recommendations (best practices including meta descriptions, titles, h1s) 
  • Review of Competitors
  • Prepare Report
  • Consultation call with Client 

ready to learn more?

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