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If you’re struggling to get real results from your Search Engine Optimization efforts, this training is for you!

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Do you or your business have a website?

Do you want to increase traffic to the website using Search Engine Optimization and Organic Search?

Have you used tools like Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, SpyFu, Google Keyword Planner, or Google Analytics?

Do you feel like optimizing a website is a full-time job?

Did you feel like you were getting a handle on SEO and then Google made changes like the Core Web Vitals?

Is SEO a constant merry go round of one step forward, two steps back?

You know Search Engine Optimization is important for your website to help you

  • build better relationships with your audience
  • improve the customer experience
  • increase your authority
  • drive more people to your site
  • give you an edge over the competition, and increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business
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but SEO just takes too much time

We want to help!

softserveSEO is offering Five FREE SEO MADE EASY Webinars.

These Five FREE live, one-hour sessions are designed to help you get a reliable SEO Best Practices process in place. We will show you our tried and proven process that has worked for our clients for many years.

FREE – SEO MADE EASY Webinars – only ONE hour of your time per day over five days,
Oct. 25 -29, from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern.

don’t miss out – sign up today!

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what is SEO and Organic Search?

SEO communicates the importance and relevance of your websites and pages to Google. Through SEO, your content becomes more likely to rank highly in the Search Engine Results Pages and appear to users first when they search for relevant keywords.

Organic search refers to search results that aren’t paid for. Instead of being organized by Google’s paid ad guidelines (which includes Cost per Click, ad relevance, and many other factors), organic search results are organized by its search engine algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization brings you the most precious organic traffic which is “free”. When a search engine shows your content to its users in the organic part of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you do not pay for the ranking. When the user clicks on the result and visits your site, you do not pay Google for a visit.

I get it – I know SEO is important to growing our brand online, helping our marketing and improving website traffic. But where do I start?

For many small business owners around the world, managing SEO has gotten way too complicated and way too expensive to get the results you really want.

Like so many marketers, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by Google’s constantly changing algorithms, features that come and go on a whim, and literally being forced to pay to-play.

You may also be feeling completely overloaded with so much advice out there to… ”target more keywords, the more the better! Get more backlinks. It doesn’t matter from who. Write more content. OK, now write less content. Hire an SEO agency.” Sound Familiar?

BUT what you really want is more organic website traffic!! More business. More revenues. And, to make this happen, you want SEO MADE EASY!

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why softserveSEO?

We have been helping clients grow their brand and online presence since 1993. Search Engine Optimization has been a key component since early 2000’s. We want to use our experience to help you, help yourself.

Our FREE SEO MADE EASY webinars will run from October 25 to 29, 1 hour only each day at 1 p.m. Eastern via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Why are we hosting these FREE SEO MADE EASY Webinars? Simply, we know how important SEO is for the online success of your website and your business and we want to share our knowledge and experience of SEO with others.

After 28 years helping our clients grow their brands online, we realized that many of our clients often have the same challenges with SEO:

  • I would like to understand Google Analytics, but there are so many reports and ways to filter the data. What is the most important data and where do I find it? How do I manage these metrics without spending hour on it every day?
  • I signed up for an advanced SEO software tool that claims to be the best of the best. It may be, but I have no idea if I set it up correctly or what I should be using it for. There must be a better way to know if the changes we are making are improving our SEO.
  • SEO seems really difficult and confusing. I know improving SEO will improve our bottom line, but I am not convinced we should invest in an agency. My company thinks I can do it myself, but how?
  • I want to learn about SEO, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help make the process easy?
  • I’m paying too much for SEO and not getting enough in return. I need an affordable solution that will also give me results.
  • I thought I followed all the best practice tips and tricks, so how come our website SEO effectiveness has fallen off over time?
  • None of the current SEO offerings has the blend of education, tools, and insight that we needed.
  • SEO is just too technical. We are marketers and business managers, not website developers. Make it easy.

Over the course of FIVE ONE HOUR FREE Sessions, you will learn about:

  • Fundamentals of SEO
    Learn why SEO is important, what ranking factors Google and other search engines look for and the basics of great website SEO.
  • Best Practices – Tried and True Tips to Improve Your SEO Fast
    With years of SEO experience we have crafted some SEO best practices that produce real, tangible results. Nailing these SEO best practices is critical to SEO success. We will teach you about best practices including, Page Relevance, Tips for Page Titles, Headers and Meta Descriptions, Writing for SEO and more.
  • Technical SEO- Technical SEO doesn’t need to be scary.
    We’ll break down Google’s Core Web Vitals and how to ensure your website scores well, plus look at mobile usability, speed, submitting your sitemap and other critical items for your website’s page rankings.
  • Learn What SEO Metrics You Really Need
    Developing an effective SEO Strategy requires monitoring key metrics. Learn what Metrics and Reporting are needed for successful SEO and what key indicators to look for. We will teach you about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Research, Site Crawler and more. We will also include a complementary downloadable SEO tools “cheat sheet.”
  • Plus Bonus Critiques!
    Every website benefits from an outside pair of eyes. Get live feedback on your website and let us know any specific challenges you are having with your SEO. A few lucky attendees will get a bonus website SEO review and we will answer as many questions as possible.
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What are you waiting for? Sign up for SEO MADE EASY webinars with softserveSEO Today!

Still wondering why Search Engine Optimization and Organic Traffic is so important? What is the benefit to finally get a handle on SEO and improve our website visibility and traffic?

  • It will help you Build Your Brand
  • Your Optimized Website will see increased traffic growth
  • SEO doesn’t require you to Pay for online advertising
  • If you do Pay for online advertising, your Ads will perform better
  • It helps your target audience find your website easier
  • Improved SEO boosts your website Credibility and Authority
  • Organic SEO will help you stay ahead of your competitors
  • SEO (especially now with Core Web Vitals) will improve your website user experience and website performance
  • SEO is Easy to Measure, learn how

Five FREE One Hour Sessions on Zoom and Facebook live

We will show you the tried and proven softserveSEO process and walk step by step through our SEO Best Practice steps.

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Wait – There’s More!

We will invite you to join our Facebook Group for SEO tips, tricks and share questions with others in our softserveSEO community. Ask questions and follow along daily during the webinars.


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We can’t wait to share softserveSEO with you. It is the tasty treat you have been waiting for.